My Raptured Soul

If Jesus kindly say,
And with a whispering word,
“A-rise my love and come away,”
I run to meet my Lord.

My soul is in my ears;
My heart is all on flame;
My eyes are sweetly drowned in tears,
And melted is my frame.

My raptured soul will rise up,
And give a cheerful spring,
And dart through all the lofty skies,
To visit Zion’s King.
To visit Zion’s King.

He meets me with a kiss,
And with a smiling face;
I taste the dear, enchanting bliss,
And wonder at his grace.

A soft and tender sigh,
Now heaves my hollowed breast;
I long to lay me down and die,
And find eternal rest.

Taken from the Gadsby Hymnal #268
John Berridge/Clint Wells
© 2006 Red Mountain Music